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Book - Charlotte and Lionel: A Rothschild Love Story

Book - Charlotte and Lionel: A Rothschild Love Story

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Acclaimed biographer Stanley Weintraub, using full access to the Rothschild family archives, tells the story of Charlotte and Lionel de Rothschild's stunning and surprising love for each other, opening a fascinating window into a memorable age.

Lionel (and, behind the scenes, Charlotte) influenced events worldwide, helping to fund relief to a starving Ireland, aiding persecuted Jews in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, brokering the purchase of the Suez Canal, and arranging for France's postwar reparations to Germany. Yet despite the distractions of their power, glamour, and wealth, and problems of health for which money could buy no solutions, they remained intensely devoted to each other and their family.

Charlotte and Lionel presents the evocative tale of one of the least known yet most touching love stories from the glamorous decades of Victorian England.

  • Hardcover : 304 pages
  • Dimensions: approx. 16 x 24cm