Swap Shop for Young People - Friday 18 February, 2 - 3pm

Swap out your old clothes!

About this experience

Clear out the clothes jammed at the back of your wardrobe and dust them off for the clothes swap hosted by Gunnersbury’s Youth Forum. This event is aimed at young people aged 14 - 19.

How will it work? 

Once you sign up, you will get a choice of date and time to drop off the unwanted clothes.  

Each clothing item = 1 token  

We will only be able to provide you with 5 tokens even if you bring more than 5 items of freshly cleaned clothing.  


Clean and good quality clothes 

Free of faults or stains 


accessories, footwear, socks, underwear, swimwear, shoes.

We can refuse any items brought to the drop off that do not meet the criteria. 

On the day you will be able to swap 1 token for 1 piece of clothing. If there is another item of clothing that you’ve got your eye on, but you have used up all of your tokens you can purchase a token for £1. 

For more information and any queries contact us on Instagram- gpmyouthforum and Email- gpmyouthforum@outlook.com 


COVID-19 ACTIONS (Dependent on government guidelines at time of event) 

All attendees are asked to wear masks on entering the swap 

Hand sanitiser at the entrance and exit