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Running Dog Wooden Kit
Running Dog Wooden Kit

Running Dog Wooden Kit

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Automata are whimsical mechanical toys that have a cool, life-like movement when their crank is turned. With legs that move up and down, this running dog automata runs like the wind as it moves forward and back in a graceful action!

Designed for kids aged 8 years+ to explore the principles of mechanics, get some hands-on model making skills, and have a dog that they don't need to pick up after!

Bring to life the wonder of your own automata that you can decorate - paint it to resemble your favourite pet or that cute dog you made friends with at Gunnersbury Park!

  • Great educational kit for dog lovers, as a desktop accessory, or a mini guard dog.
  • All pieces are pre-cut and ready to go, only a ruler and scissors are required.
  • Easy to make in about an hour by beginner model makers.
  • Natural, untreated wood and plywood.
  • Finished size is 14cm x 29cm x 30cm high.
  • Suitable for ages 8+.